Piercing Aftercare Advice / How To Use:-

Neem Tree Ultra Heal

(Ideal for Ear, Face and Body Piercings)

Dissolve 1/4 tea spoon of the Ultra Heal Solution in 1/2 mug of boiled water and leave to stand until it is at a temperature that is still warm but won't burn you. Wash hands thoroughly then soak a cotton pad in the solution and place on the piercing for 5 minutes (until it starts to cool down). Using warm water will help open the pores. Make sure the piercing is thoroughly cleansed front and back. Repeat this process twice a day for the first two weeks and then every few days there-after. 

The Healing Soap

(Ideal for Ear, Face and Body Piercings)

Specifically designed to get rid of those irritation bumps, whilst giving yourself an easier aftercare procedure. Get longer use by cutting the soap in half right in the centre of the heart. This will create two small pencil shapes which can be used to get right in and around your piercing. Make sure to wet the soap first under warm water and repeat this process twice a day, morning and night.

The Healing Bomb

(Ideal for Body Piercings)

Only to be used two weeks into the healing process. For body piercing this special bath bomb has been designed to give your healing piercings that extra kick. Bathe in warm water with the bath bomb for 10 minutes, making sure not to add any extra soaps.

The Healing Discs

(Ideal for Ear, Face and Body Piercings)

Add two to your straight piercing barbell or labret, on either side of the pressure bump, or granuloma. The discs will then constantly smooth out and completely heal this condition safely and quickly from between 2-4 weeks!