We are NOT medical professionals but we have worked in this field for a long time and have over 20 years experience working with body piercers and their clients.
Piercing Bumps/Granulomas 
"This bump has appeared on my nose piercing, is it infected?"
NO! These little lumps can occur for a number of reasons. We have found they form most commonly from irritation and pressure being applied to the jewellery in your fresh body piercings. Thankfully they are incredibly easy to treat. We have created our soap and piercing discs to deal with this issue quickly and safely. 
Click Here: The Healing Soap
Click Here: The Healing Disc
"I have crusting around my new piercing, is this normal?"
YES! The crusty material that forms around a new piercing is completely normal and nothing to worry about. The combination of dead blood cells and plasma rising to the surface and drying in the air creates the crusting. This is just a result of your body trying to heal itself. Although these crusties are normal, they do need to be cleaned carefully and thoroughly whenever you notice them. For this we recommend our Tree Neem Ultra Heal Powder.
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"Can I take a bath with my new piercings?"
While we say to avoid submerging your new piercings in bath water for at least the first 3-4 weeks, we have created The Healing Bath Bomb. To give your healing piercings that extra kick towards the end of the healing process, these bath bombs have the combined ingredients to repair the skin whilst absorbing natural moisture from your body.
Click Here: The Healing Bath Bomb